Xristos TOUR Feather Shuttlecocks - 5 Tubes (SP51)

Xristos TOUR Feather Shuttlecocks - 5 Tubes (SP51)

  • $140.00
  • Save $10

Xristos TOUR: 

- well priced and comparable to most high end shuttles.
- good flight path, good durability.
- suitable for high A and high B grade socials.
- suitable for any level tournaments.
- money well spent on a durable yet consistent feather shuttlecock.

suitable for high level and high level socials. overall better shuttle compared to its competitors. Price point and quality of this shuttle makes this a low priced yet great quality product. players who want a good grade shuttle with good durability and flight path will definitely appreciate this shuttle for its price point and quality.

Available at KPH Ringwood and Altona North Badminton Center