PowerMax Aerospeed 10 Matt Black/Blue - free string + free grip

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PowerMax Aerospeed 10 Matt Black/Blue Badminton Racquet

Comes with free strings, free grip and stringing service.

Please inform us of your preferred tension.

All racquets are strung on Yonex Es 5, ES 8 and ES 8 Deluxe Stringing Machines.

Our stringer is a Accredited Yonex and APACS badminton stringer and is part of the Yonex Stringing Team.

 Weight: 85 +/-2g
Balance:285mm +/-3mm
Tension: Up to 24lbs
Frame Material: 24 Tonne Japan Graphite + High Speed
Shaft Material: 24 Tonne Japan Graphite + Tapered Shaft
Shaft Diameter:Ultra Slim
Flex: 8.0mm
Grommet System: 76 Holes
Length: 670mm

Highlights of the Rackets
High Speed Frame High speed frame has lower wind resistance. This increases its swing speed, hence shortening the contact timing between the racket and the shuttlecock.
Tapered Shaft Tapered shaft generates higher flex point in the shaft. This results in more power, faster recovery and higher accuracy of shots delivery compared to a conventional shaft.
Isometric + Aero Frame Isometric frame increases the sweet spot of the racket. Combined with the aero technology that reduces air resistance, you will have a racket that is very playable.