APACS Blend Duo 88 Black (6U) - Free String + Free Grip

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APACS Blend Duo 88 (6U) Badminton Racquet

Comes with free strings, free grip and stringing service.

Please inform us of your preferred tension.

All racquets are strung on Yonex Es 5, ES 8 and ES 8 Deluxe Stringing Machines.

Our stringer is a Accredited Yonex and APACS badminton stringer and is part of the Yonex Stringing Team.

Frame material: hi modulus graphite + blend technology + IPN

Shaft material: hi modulus graphite

Flex: medium

Weight: 79+/-2g


Balance: 300+/-3mm

Recommended: singles, doubles and mixed

  • Apacs Blend Duo 88 badminton racket is designed with a blend of high speed and stable frame.
  • Created since 2013, this design creates the perfect blend of speed and power, enabling you to enjoy the best of both world.
  • Light in body and heavy in head makes these 2 benefits compliment each other to produce heavy smashes without tremendous effort. It also enables you to move the racket like a sword and to deliver a very fast and sharp execution.
  • The racket is a medium flex racket that will deliver more power for hard hitter, as it will transfer power more effectively from the arm to the shuttle.
  • The Blend Duo 88 is a fast racket and is developed to suit power based players who want more control or those seeking to improve power generation.
  • With its light body and head, enable you to move the racket like a sword and to deliver a very clean and sharp execution.